MIT Technology Review Presents EmTech Digital 2020


Celebrating 20 years of MIT Technology Review bringing the business impact of technology innovation to live audiences worldwide.

EmTech Digital offers decision makers practical guidance on the technical, ethical, and strategic AI deployment issues facing organizations in 2020.

EmTech Digital invites world-class AI experts, pioneers, and technologists who will examine topics including:  

  • Countering misinformation and bias
  • Road-mapping the latest in machine learning research
  • Understanding the role of AI in our personal lives
  • The path to artificial general intelligence
  • AI’s transformation of the workplace and workforce


AI You Can Trust


TRUST is the theme for this year’s event. Algorithms we can trust, data we can trust, decisions we can trust.  The most talked about issues in AI today - deepfakes, bias, explainability, privacy - all have TRUST as a common denominator.  Essential for AI adoption, those who forgo trust put their deployments and potentially their brand reputations at risk.